Bariatric Evaluations (Weight Loss Surgery)
Before making the decision to have weight loss surgery, patients have typically tried many other ways to lose weight. After patients make the decision to undergo surgery, they are quite excited and ready to embark on a new journey to a healthier life. There are quite a few steps that patients have to take before they are ready to have surgery, including a pre-bariatric surgery psychological evaluation. Addressing the psychological and behavioral contributors to obesity and ensuring that you are prepared to undergo surgery is an important step in treatment. All evaluations for laparoscopic band and gastric bypass surgery are written to meet the requirements of your surgeon and your insurance company.

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Chronic Pain Surgical Evaluations (Spinal Cord & Peripheral Nerve Stimulators)

Spinal cord stimulators, morphine pumps, and other devices have been used to alleviate unremitting pain, to increase functional ability, and to allow patients to discontinue or limit the chronic use of narcotic medication.  Psychological evaluations are used to assess the suitability of patients for surgical implants, as well as, to help identify psychological interventions to help patients with recovery.


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