We provide psychological testing and comprehensive evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults for a variety of issues including mood disorder, anxiety disorders, attention deficit, and school related issues. Cognitive and emotional functioning is assessed using a variety of measures to address difficulties with school, work performance, and everyday functioning. We provide diagnosis and treatment planning as well as follow up consultation when appropriate.

This targeted evaluation provides the information needed to clearly differentiate and diagnose ADD/ ADHD disorders versus other factors that can cause inattention and poor concentration in both children and adults. Medical, academic, and environmental recommendations are included in the report.

Emotional Testing is recommended when an individual is having behavioral or emotional problems.  Adults may seek to learn more about their mood and what treatments would be effective. Parents might be concerned that their child is moody, feeling unhappy, and does not feel a sense of satisfaction or contentment in life.  Sometimes emotional testing is needed to clarify a diagnosis, provide a jump start for treatment planning, or to better understand why a person is behaving the way they are.  Following the assessment, we conduct feedback sessions with individuals and/or families to discuss the results of the testing.

This testing may be conducted to better understand a person’s intellectual functioning, cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and/or academic achievement in areas of arithmetic, reading, written language.


This comprehensive battery includes diagnostic measures of intellectual, mood, personality, behavioral, developmental, or neurocognitive factors as necessary.